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QE 3 on the way! July 30, 2011

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Over the last two weeks there has been several FINRA and SEC related warnings. These have covered high interest bond products, reverse mergers and structured investments sold through B/D’s. This incredible campaign of fear which is cloaked in a cnsumer protection shell is nothing other then a designed campaign to keep the US investment public in Treasuries. The classic shell game or 3 card monte being played by the US government as the most corrupt political group ever continues to run the country into the ground. Hell the put Bernie Madoff away for this type of behavior didn’t they?

The Fed continues on an out of control printing process (to date the US government has freshily printed in excess of 3 Trillion dollars! This money has been printed to pump up the market and keep the sense of prosperity alive and well. How long can this go on before the Bubble bursts and makes the 2008 collapse look like a nickel, dime ante in a backroom poker game?

There are certainly financial opportunities to take advantage of and for the cognitively attentive investor there are ways to save your financial wealth before the incompetents pilfer your assets.

Common sense is the MOST valuable asset you could possibly have at this time, forget the media as they are in the tank for the political hacks who are clingling to power like a crack addict in dimly lit crack house. Time to do exceptional due diligence and exercise accurate thinking, stop believeing everything you read and do the research, then use the common sense barometer you were born with and the answers will appear. Is the good faith and standing of the US government a wise investment bet? Only you can answer this.

Aug 2 will bring some answers, but this is the early stage tip of the iceberg, the next 4 quarters will tell expose much more.



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